Welcome aspiring chefs and food lovers. My name is Chris, this is my account of my rise to chefdom or my fall to mediocrity. This is a Chef's Journey

Monday, 28 March 2011

The First Step

Welcome to Chef's Journey.

This site is my attempt to chronicle my learning experience, and share it with you. Whether you be an aspiring chef, or a lover of food, I look to cater to all (no pun intended). I will take you to learn with me, cook with me, and hopefully you will be with me one day when I do become a chef.

It is kind of funny this isn't exactly the first step  on my journey. I am actually about 20 km on that 1000km journey. My journey has only just begun.

Right now I am in about week 11 of my formal training. Each week is more exciting then the last. This is my first post, so later on I will provide you with some more information as to what I have done up to this point.

I will post at least 3 times a week showing what I have done so far, so long as I am in school. These posts will include:

  • Photos
  • Recipes
  • Terms
Thank you for visiting my site and I will keep you posted.


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